Integrating and Maturing New Technology

April, 2018 Technology

Some things my Dad told me My dad, a lifelong airplane enthusiast, was born in 1915. He lived through an aviation technology explosion over his 101 years, including an event that changed the world, Lindbergh’s unprecedented 33½ hour 1927 New York to Paris solo flight in the Spirit of St Louis. In World War II, he personally witnessed the game-changing jet-powered Messerschmidt ME 262 in action Germany in 1945. Another “game-changing” aircraft introduced early in World War II was the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, a twin engine, twin-boom, aluminum-skinned fighter designed for high-altitude long-range operations. Unfortunately, the Lightning’s debut was a dud, as pilots were unable to achieve advertised range performance.

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Collaborative Development: Tribal Knowledge, Standard Work, and Dozuki at Automation Plastics

Oct 03, 2018 Technology

I know a guy who grew up in the Xingu region of the Amazon. He belongs to an indigenous South American tribe, and as may be expected, he knows all there is to know about surviving in the jungle. As a young adult, he joined the Brazilian army, and they put him through Jungle Training; needless to say, he made a name for himself very quickly. His tribal knowledge made him a celebrity in his army unit.

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