precision molded plastic part precision molded plastic part

Precision Molding

Repeatable Processes using Scientific Molding Principles

Tonnage Range: 33t - 500t

Molding Equipment: 33 Electric

High Cavitation: Up to 132 cavities

Exacting Tolerances: +/- .001"

Orifice Holes: .008 diameter"

Flash: +/- .0015 (Nylon)"

Using Scientific Molding Principals, Automation Plastics produces parts with sealing surfaces, thread and small holes with less than 0.010" diameter and over 1.0 million pieces per day.

Our Precision Injection Molding Process Uses RJG Technology

RJG is used to monitor the injection molding process variables during production. It provides a complete process history for each part that is produced. A process template is created after process development is completed and parts are approved for production. The template ensures that the right process from the plastics point of view is being used at all times during production. Alarm values are created once the process window is established to help ensure zero defects are shipped to the customer. If the process starts to run out of the process window an alarm is triggered. A cycle that has an alarm will reject the product and separate it from good production parts. After so many alarms within a number of cycles the press will shut down, forcing someone to resolve the issue so no more bad product is being produced.