Quality Systems

Automation Plastics utilized a fully programmable CMM combined with optical vision measuring systems to ensure part dimensional accuracy.

automation plastics CMM
Quality Policy

It is the Policy of Automation Plastics Corporation to commit the effort and resources necessary to ensure the shipment of products that meet or exceed the Quality Standards expected by our customers.

We recognize that each individual in our organization directly or indirectly affects Product Quality, On-Time Delivery, Customer Service, and Product Cost.

Through Continuous Improvement, our goal is to satisfy our customers while providing a safe, rewarding place to work.

Maintaining High Quality Standards with Coordinate Measuring Machine

Our Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S776 CMM with scanning ability allows us to perform detailed PPAP’s, in-process checks, capability studies, and reverse engineer both parts and tooling components. With its 700mm X 700mm X 600mm range and 1.7+3L/1000μm (ISO-10360-2:2009) accuracy, it is well suited for the vast majority of products and tooling we deal with. The scanning ability allows us to generate hundreds of data points on a feature in the same time, or sometimes faster, than typical touch probe technology.

OMIS II Vision Metrology System

Automation Plastics routinely uses the RAM Optical OMIS II Vision System to verify molded part profile features smaller than .002”. Using RAM’s eBx Measurement Software with accuracy of .000001” (1 microinch), autofocus, edge detection, and programmable lighting, the RAM system perfectly complements our Mitutoyo S776 CMM. This capability is also perfectly suited for analysis and evaluation of high cavitation (up to 128 cavities) fast cycle (4 seconds) mold components and precision molded parts. The end result is increased customer confidence in the quality and consistency of our products.

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